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The Annual Planner Supreme is designed to be the only planner you will ever need. 
It comes with EVERY popular printable insert layout.


12 Undated Monthly Calendars
12  Monthly Goal Setting Sheets
Weekly & Hourly Planner Inserts
Daily Planner Inserts
Weekly & Daily Sheets 




Customizable Mood Tracker- Color-code your emotions
Intention Bubble - See your dreams clearly


The Annual Planner Supreme is available in 3 sizes: A4, A5, and US Letter
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► This Planner Is For ◄
Working Professionals
Busy Moms
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► Cover Page ◄

►Twelve Undated Monthly Calendars◄
 Customize your calendar each month.
 Stay on track throughout the month. 
 Use the Notes section to remember upcoming engagements.
►Twelve Goal Setting Sheets◄


Start your month off right with this goal planner. You'll be clear on:
What you should do: DATES TO REMEMBER
What you must do: PRIORITIES
What you want to do: GOALS!! 


►Interchangeable Planner Inserts◄


Effortlessly adapt to the changes in your life without losing traction.         
All inserts fit comfortably within A4, A5, and US letter ring binders.


►How to make the planner insert features work for you◄


►Intention Bubble◄


 Achieve your goal with and ON PURPOSE.
 Never lose sight of your short-term goals.

►Customizable Mood Tracker◄


Emotions are a great indicator of how you're experiencing the world. 
Over time, if tracked properly moods provide valuable information on where you could make changes. 


The mood tracker works like a bullet journal starter kit.                
If you aren't artistic or simply don't have the time these inserts help you:


►How to use the Mood Tracker◄


Personalize your mood-key
Color-code the emotions
Use moods to reflect and re-evaluate future plans
►Weekly & Hourly Planner Inserts◄


Use these inserts when you have a strict schedule with set obligations. Such as meetings or multiple clients.
At a glance layout
Easily see and schedule appointments for the week.
Make the most of your time with the half-hour slots
►Daily Sheet◄


 Perfect for weeks when you are in "Task-Master" mode. Complete your to-do list with     ease. 
 Offers the most flexibility in scheduling and planning.
 Use the notes section as a weekly space for reflecting. 
 Keep all of your observations tidy & in one place.


►Weekly & Daily Sheets◄


This simplified sheet is essential. Great for students, teachers, mothers, or creators.

Works great with a set weekly schedule
Provide structure to an unpredictable or flexible schedule.
Use it as a point of reference to stay on task.

What are you waiting for? Buy your Annual Planner Supreme now, and you’ll have it for a lifetime. I guarantee you'll keep coming back to this planner. It has everything you need to make your dreams come true. Make it work for you!


"Be realistic: Plan for a miracle." - Osho


With love,
Selene Supreme
► “Printing Practices: How to Bring Your Prints to Life” a detailed instructional guide is included with your purchase.
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❌Frame and Props are Not Included.❌
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Step no 3. Review and follow the detailed instructions found in the accompanying guide titled  “Printing Practices: How to Bring Your Prints to Life”.


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The Annual Planner Supreme can be used with a home printer.
The Annual Planner Supreme can be professionally printed.
Upon purchase you will receive “Printing Practices: How to Bring Your Prints to Life” a detailed guide which helps you get the most out of your Print Kit.


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