Vibe the Vision: Why the Law of Attraction is Trash + What you should be doing Instead

This is Part 2 in the Financial Makeover series. Before we plan or create a budget we need to have a vision. I'm debunking the Law of Attraction myths in this post, and offering up a simple, more effective approach to realizing your financial goals.

Financial Freedom is Child's Play

The realized soul can play with this universe like a child can a ball. -St. Teresa of Avila

We may never know what St. Teresa meant by this in its entirety because this quote has a mystical quality to it. However, we can try. The universe is all encompassing, but we’re talking about financial freedom today.

If you could play with the universe like a child can a ball to achieve your personal financial goals, what would that look like?

The answer is different for everyone, and only the realized soul has access to this ability in the first place. So the real question becomes, what is the realized soul?

To realize is to become aware of something as a fact; to understand clearly. The best definition of soul is the essence or the embodiment of a specified quality.

Therefore, the realized soul is the embodiment of clear understanding in a specific quality that gives rise to the ability to manipulate the universe at will for an intended purpose.

Vision Boards and The Law of Attraction

Vision boards were popularized in accordance with the Law of Attraction (LOA) movement. I happen to be a visionary, and I have more cork boards than I know what to do with, but one thing I don't have is a vision board.

I'm not here to tell you vision boards are wrong. I'm here to let you know they are useless.

The Law of Attraction is about magnetism. A magnetic field can only attract materials within its field of attraction. Surely, the entire universe cannot be within our field of attraction. Even if we were the universe, as taught in some cultures, we still WOULD NOT BE A MAGNET.

The realized soul has access to more than their magnetic field, and they can conceive of it clearly. So clearly, in fact, they become the embodiment of the very thing they are after.

VIBE a person's emotional state that is communicated to and felt by others.

What a Vibe is Not

A vibe is not a belief. The Law of Attraction is about affirming yourself into a state of believing the thing you want to achieve is possible. In short, you are deluding yourself. You are hoping (wishing) a dream will come true.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you are believing God or the universe for something... a spouse for instance.

The Law of Attraction would have you personify your spouse's ideal mate. You would actively try to become the person you want to attract like a magnet by changing your habits.

However, the vibe of the very same vision could be completely different.

A realized soul is the embodiment of the vision. It is not a persona.

Using the Law of Attraction you can work toward becoming the ideal partner while believing he/or she is on their way to you. Alternatively, you can be the person for your dream lover by maintaining an altered emotional state.

I can hear it now, what about hard work and discipline, and yada yada.

Until you are clear on the vibrations associated with your goal all of your work is pointless. Literally, lacking a target.

Emotions Trump Logic

I'm arguing the focus should be less on how the wealthy perceive money and more about how they found themselves in that position to begin with. The news and TMZ have shown us wealthy people are just as miserable as anyone else.

According to the Law of Attraction these low energy rich people could have never generated enough force (personal magnetism) to attract wealth. They did not attract wealth. They became the soil in which the wealth would spring from. For example their talent in one area opened doors to partnerships, or investment opportunities. Their wealth is an offshoot of a seed of intention.

I cannot stress the importance this enough. Your vibe, the emotional state communicated to others in a specific area will determine your results regardless of your persona (Proverbs 13:7).

The goal of this post is to encourage you to see your future differently. By slowing down and evaluating the motivations behind your financial goals, you increase the likelihood of achieving them.

Often times people work so hard to attract their goal they work past it which leads to misery. Satisfaction is a feeling, and no amount of money can generate emotions.

Before You Create a Budget

The following exercises will change your behaviors surrounding financial decisions, and that's exactly what we want. Purchasing decisions are motivated by emotions. With your emotions in check, your finances have no choice but to fall in order. Next week, we'll cover creating a budget, but in the meantime, practice discerning the vibe of your vision.

Step 1: Realize your financial goals

Get clear on what you really want. What are the emotional states associated with the thing itself? Try to envision living with it, avoid getting stuck at the point of achievement.

Step 2: Match the vibe + Try it on for size

Create a list of as many scenarios as you can think of involving money both good and bad. Feel the feelings that would motivate you into taking action.

Example of a good scenario:

Goal: To have access to your dream spouse

Scenario: You’ve been invited to a party your dream spouse will be attending.

Match the Vibe(s) Emanating From That Situation: How would your dream spouse prepare for that party? What purchases, if any, would they make?

What item would they splurge on? Where would they choose to save?

Example of a bad scenario:

Goal: To have access to your dream spouse

Scenario: Your car broke down on the way to a party your dream spouse will be attending.

Match the Vibe(s) Emanating From That Situation: How would your dream spouse feel in that situation? What would motivate them to act?

As you can see this is far more nuanced than pretending to be someone who would call an Uber to get to the party on time. Remember, you are the embodiment of the goal. You already have access to your dream spouse, in fact, they are in the car with you. How would they feel? What would motivate them into making a financial decision surrounding this incident?

Your goal can be anything. I chose a spouse because it's a more complicated example of a goal that many people want to achieve via financial freedom. If your goal is to obtain an object you would visualize your ideal emotional state in a scenario. Then practice responding that way in similar situations.

We will continue to dive into the role emotions play when making financial decisions throughout this series. Hopefully, this article has given you food for thought, and challenged some of the teachings you've encountered around creating the life of your dreams.

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