This book was on my bible study TBR for the year. While scanning the shelves of my local free used book warehouse on a Sunday I came across this title. I promise you it was as if the heavens parted and delivered this book into my world, so I took it.

Someone annotated this book using a blue highlighter. I used yellow. I didn't mind at all, in fact, I kind of liked it. What did this person, I assume it was a woman, think was poignant?

I found that readers were being welcomed by an exceptionally friendly hostess. Midway through the book I lost my companion, her notes stopped just as Lysa thought we were all becoming friends. She should have kept going. I actually prayed for her...

Lysa TerKeurst weaves her raw anecdotal disclosures into precise analyses of rejection that are extremely relatable. Her action steps are clear, and her open- ended questions prompt the reader to offer themselves to the Holy Spirit who seeks to fill their lives and restore a sense of belonging in this world because we are needed.

Lysa makes the idea of abiding in Christ sound just as sweet as dwelling in self-pity and the false feeling of being unwanted. The stories, biblical references, and prayers included are well placed resources to help support the journey of healing.

Lysa gained my respect in this book because she revealed a personal story of sin, its consequences, and her response to the bed she made. I personally look for these qualities in people and products I invest in.

Mini Rant: I read a ton of these Christian books. Everyone wants to disarm the reader by appealing to this "demographic". I'm not sure what that looks like exactly, but I get the impression these women are out of touch with their personal hygiene needs, and the basics of taking care of themselves due to neglect - a sacrifice made for the family. Many of these Christian leaders, women in particular, share these nondescript stories of sin, of who they used to be, or even worse the friend they had that had an issue.

I had to include the paragraph above to paint a picture for a person who is new to this genre, so in reading this book you can truly appreciate what Lysa has done.

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