Switch on Your Brain

By Dr. Caroline Leaf


Switch on Your Brain and reign in self destructive thought patterns with Dr. Caroline Leaf's method.

What makes this book particularly amazing is Dr.Leaf's ability to paint a picture of how the mind works. Everything she claims is backed by evidence or anecdotes from every angle. If you are lead by reason you'll find the actual science fascinating. If you happen to practice mindfulness you'll be amazed to learn about your untapped ability to leverage science in achieving contentment. 

Example: Our brains have the ability to assess what we’re thinking and how we’re behaving every 5 seconds. This means by simply slowing down we can choose to rewire our brains. Now, take a moment to think of how knowing something like this could have helped you in hindsight.

You will learn how the brain works, and why actively taking charge of our thoughts is God's will. Dr. Leaf's ability to rally people holding vastly different ideologies across a tightrope and to a meeting of minds based on science continues to amaze me. Not only is she brave, she's really smart.

The lessons in the book are a primer for her 21 day detox plan. Dr. Leaf makes it clear changing the pathways in our brains will require a disciplined approach. I accepted the challenge. I was able to use the exercises to dissolve bad habits and create stronger, more beneficial thought patterns for myself.

Committing to the plan takes about 16-20 minutes daily. One of the prompts reminds me of a hyper-focused mind mapping session. Everything about this plan raises the bar on intentionality as we know it. Consider adding this book to your collection if you are serious about rewiring your brain.

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