Not Your Mom's Worship Music: 3 Christian Music Channels For Millennials

Let's face it Worship music can get old fast . These three YouTube Channels host the very best of contemporary Christian music. Check them out.

I'm a Millennial Mom

All that really means is I grew up listening to Drake. When I was a child, I behaved as one, now I adult. I take my parenting responsibilities very seriously. It's been years since I've listened to secular music, and it's one of the best decisions I've made in life thus far. These 3 YouTube channels have allowed me to have the best of both worlds. I can listen to uplifting music as loud as I'd like and enjoy it with my family without shame. Below you'll find an overview of each one, and some of my playlist recommendations. Enjoy!

Gospel Hydration

Channel In One Word



Gospel Hydration's about page says they represent the best of Christian contemporary music, and they do! This is my go to channel for new Christian music. They have their finger on the pulse of pop culture. Using that understanding they continue to drop amazing music in lock step with secular music channels. Everyone, and I mean everyone will question you about the content of the lyrics. The hip hop, pop, and deep house mixes are so good most people cannot tell the difference.

Playlists Worth Checking Out

Christian Music Mixes - This is a great place to start! It includes many of their best playlists/mixes submitted by talented DJs by genre.

Go Divinity Live Show- Dj AZee hosts a collaborative effort between Gospel Hydration and Role Model records. I'm sure these mixes could serve a better purpose in your life, but I like to blast them while I clean.

It keeps me motivated.


Channel In One Word



At first blush, Blssd and Gospel Hydration seem to offer the same music from the same artists. However, the selection process and delivery are very different. When I listen Blssd I get the sense they value intentional creative expression with the intent of directing the listener into a desired state. I could be wrong, but when I listen to Blssd Music's collection I feel as if I'm being transported to another dimension. If you like lofi, jazzhop, chillhop, or emo vibes you're sure to find your new jam here.

Playlists Worth Checking Out

Night Hours- Emo Praise and Worship music

Inspired Sounds- Grown and Sexy music for responsible Christians.

The Good Christian Music Blog

Channel In One Word



The Good Christian Music Blog consistently lights up your feed with great Indie Christian artists. I enjoy watching their live sessions which really embrace the visual component of YouTube. Similar to NPR's Tiny Desk Concert, their Sinai Sessions are full of raw emotion. Of all the channels this is the one which evokes the essence of church for me. It's millennial church music without the pretense, and that's one of the reasons it's so good.

Playlists Worth Checking Out

In the Quiet vol. 1- Praise and Worship music. A lighter version of soaking music. You can listen to this mix and vol.2 as you work or study.

In the Quiet vol. 2 -Praise and Worship music. Vol. 2 is more folksy then the first.

Isla Vista Worship- Indie soul. His voice is so pure and beautiful. Listening to him is such a pleasing experience. I really think you'll enjoy this mix. It includes an incredible house remix of Dancing on The Moon. Please bear witness to what these people are doing, it's amazing.

Romance is Overrated

Every song doesn't have to be about longing for a love lost, seeking revenge, or stacking paper. These artists use creative expression to give life emotions which are just as important. They name the feelings, and work through them using the word of God. I support their movement wholeheartedly because everyone was born pure. Be sure to check them out and share their channels with your friends and family.

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