Midnight Kiss: Simplifying Christian Dating

By Casey W. Moore


Dreaming about hosting the perfect destination wedding? Before you fashion your profile on a christian dating site in search of marriage, I encourage you to take advantage of the Bibles wisdom- it's free.

Casey W. Moore organized this book into easily digestible sections. Each one left me with insights I would not have if it not for his work. This was an illuminating analysis

of the Christian dating scene today.

Part I Problem: The complexity of Christian Dating

Is a simplified deep dive into the personalities and the gender roles we play and are bound to encounter when prospecting a new partner.  He covers the personality types commonly found in church, the way they interact with one another, and ultimately what causes so many missed connections. Our hearts are in the right place, but our attitudes can be too legalistic. These illustrations prove why our predetermined reservations may be getting in our way. 

Part II Solution : The joy of simplicity

I found Part I to be an entertaining introduction to the subject matter. It was lighthearted which motivated me to continue. In Part II, Moore maintains his casual tone, while incorporating more scripture, making his points clear. Revisiting old stories with his guidance I made brand new connections between scripture and my love life. I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to take my time. Soaking in God's word in this section was delightful. I felt my perspective maturing with the turning of each page.

Part III Application: Accepting a new approach

Well, we know how this one ends - We have to put God first in all we do. This is especially true when selecting a life partner. However, through the instruction given in Midnight Kiss, Moore makes a his simplified approach to the same old thing seem like the best option.

If you are still single by the end of this book you'll be overflowing with the hope that everything will be okay. I promise that if you pay attention, and seek God you will feel more confident than ever in discerning the right partner for you.

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