How to Overcome Mental Illness: 3 Easy Tips for Wellness

Struggling with mental illness can be tough, and sometimes we feel stuck. Whether you're drowning in depression or left reeling from an excess of anxious energy this post can help. These 3 simple strategies help you reconnect with yourself- gently.

Overcoming Depression

In the midst of depression the best path forward is not always clear, but these tools and strategies have always helped me. Staying stuck in negative thought patterns can become dangerous. When you're low on willpower and the energy to move forward these tips will help to gently bring you back into alignment. As you apply them, the next best steps will slowly reveal themselves.

Devotionals| Bible Studies | Self-Help Books

These study materials are written and organized to solve specific issues from the beginning stages to the end. Finding the right one for you and sticking with it can greatly reduce your anxiety. The exercises found in a good self-help book or devotional provide you with the tools you need to feel in control of your situation.

When I was going through a hard time I personally used the Bible App. Living with CPTSD can be extremely difficult because of the mood fluctuations, and scattered symptoms. I could feel anxious one day, and depressed or resentful a few days later. If you are struggling with mood swings download the Bible App. Address your symptoms just as quickly as they come up. The flexibility of the shorter plans helps you stay committed to the healing process.


Once you've decided on your study material, expand on those ideas in a journal. See where they take you. Writing freely and regularly will unearth some seemingly unrelated matters. In fact, are land mines waiting to be dug out and examined with love. Journaling offers perspective and neutralizes many of these toxic emotions. 

If it will make you write more splurge on a nice journal, but the quality of your writing is key. By quality I'm referring to your raw, unfiltered thoughts and emotions on the page. For this reason, I suggest investing in quality pens instead.

Take a walk

Life is challenging enough. Bringing yourself to muster up enough energy to engage in physical activity can be nearly impossible. Forcing yourself to participate in self-torture (insert vigorous workout) for long-term results may backfire. Yoga can be beneficial. However, if you've never tried it before, chances are you won't feel comfortable with the practice at your lowest point.

Taking a stroll in an area familiar to you, and increasing the intensity over time is the way to go. Walking is a low pressure, high reward activity. You can let your mind wander or practice walking meditation all while gently reassuring your body and actually enjoys moving.

The Path Forward

Reconnecting with a sense of self when we feel broken isn't easy. We should rush the process. Mental illness changes us, but we can choose to do life better this time around. These simple strategies help you gain clarity about what is most important today,so you can better prepare for tomorrow.

Download my free CPTSD Toolkit for additional tips and resources. It explains the two types of triggers, grounding practices, writing prompts and more. Add it to your routine by clicking here.

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