Closing the Distance: How I've Been + The Future of Selene's Digest

Hello Friend!

This post is an update of sorts, and in other ways a much needed break. In July I accidentally opened my Etsy shop. The next day I launched the blog. I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish, and this last month has helped me define my purpose further. So today we'll be catching up on how I've been, and what's next for Selene's Digest.

Me oh My!

As you know, I developed CPTSD at the hands of my Pastor and his entourage. Our case is still ongoing, and continues to weigh on me daily. I sincerely regret the day these people became obsessed with me. I cannot tell you when that happened exactly because I discovered I was my Pastor's muse well after he had taken notice of me. In any event, there isn't a day that goes by where I am not lamenting in prayer over my fate. I love God so much and it doesn't seem fair both of us get to represent him. I know. I pray about it. I digress.

My CPTSD became more manageable with the decision to work from home and at a pace that suits my current mental state. However, I'm the most reliable person I know. When you have CPTSD being the most reliable person you know is a real problem. It's an invisible affliction. The average person is unaware of my limitations. Therefore, when my days require extreme extroversion I have to make allowances and make adjustments where needed.

Selene's Digest

The summer has officially ended, and school is in session. With a more predictable schedule, I can begin to experiment with new ideas and roll out new projects. Here's what I'm up to:

The Blog

My Pinterest account has a daily and a weekly digest board called SD|Daily. I highly recommend following my Pinterest page. I'm always learning, and nine times out of ten, I will pin new information to my boards instead of mentioning it in a caption or tweeting about it.

Selene's Reads

I am taking a break from my Goodreads account and weekly book reviews. To date I've read more than 60 books in 2019. I will enjoy the rest of my year reading whatever I'd like privately.

However, I will still write book related articles. Because I've received special requests to do so. I will also review books if commissioned (giving an honest review), or sent an ARC that ties in to Selene's Digest topics. For an overview of the topics, visit

Selene's Shoppe

My shop items are a way to give back more than anything else. I enjoy designing them, and want to give them a fair shot at being appreciated and used by someone they can help. I have several designs in the development stages, but I haven't felt inspired to release them because it doesn't make sense at this time.

I've been trying to find a home for my designs and products. I've been trying to build more reciprocal relations between myself and the readers of Selene's Digest. In other words, I've been working on closing the distance.

I plan on doing this sooner than later, so check in often and keep me in your prayers.

Subscribers and Daily Readers

I appreciate you taking the time to read the articles I write for you. Thank you! I may be reaching out personally to say hello via email. Please, do not be alarmed. I want to make sure everything is okay, and learn more about what would help you feel your best.

Final Thoughts

I am thrilled with the success of the blog so far. It is my therapy. I love helping people, and finding a way when all doors seemed to be closing is a blessing. I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve your experience. I encourage you to connect with me via social media, and to sign up for the CPTSD toolkit. Legally, I can only reach out via email as mentioned above by offering this kit, thus collecting your approval.

The email newsletters will improve over time, but bear in mind I also have CPTSD and the primary goal of Selene's Digest is not monetary, so I may not be able to flood your inboxes in short order.

Thank you so much for sticking with me!

You make me better,

Selene Supreme


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