Bible Verses on the Go: 5 Bible Apps for Beginners

You're curious about Christianity and want to get your feet wet, but you don't know where to start. These apps are a great way to explore the faith in a way that makes sense for you. Find the app that suits your style with this helpful list of 5 Bible Apps for beginners.

I'm a huge believer in living a balanced life, and I wouldn't be a devout Christian if it couldn't fit into the life I lead. Devout being the key word there. Anyone can be a believer and Jesus loves us all the same. However, God wants to be part of every aspect of our lives. These apps meet the user where they are, so you can invite God in on your own terms, and in your own time without judgement. Let's get started.

You Version

In Christian circles this is simply known as the Bible App. Although, this app is always on my phone and downloaded to my SD card, so I'm never without - I am not bias. It has over 385 million downloads for a reason. For starters, the Bible App is beautifully designed, and can be customized to your liking. The list of features goes on and on:

Daily Tracker- If you are trying to build a habit. They've got you covered. It's positive reinforcement for a job well done. You'll see daily and weekly streaks at the top of your screen when you open the Bible App.

Plans- With hundreds of daily devotionals, keep it simple and choose your plan according to your mood. Do them alone or invite your friends.

Listen to the Bible: Audio of every major Bible translation is available.

Social Sharing- Become a graphic designer in seconds. Select your bible verse, choose the create image option, and an entire catalog of images appears. If you can make an Instagram story - you can do this. Then, save and share with friends on social media, through email, or text.

Events- Find church events near you.

Bible App for Kids- When using this app your children interact with an animated interface illustrating the story of Jesus Christ throughout the Bible.

There's more, but these are the features that stand out and really make a difference when you're short on time.

She Reads Truth | He Reads Truth

More than just an app, the Reads Truth apps are about community. If you find being held accountable in a community setting is what motivates you the most, you'll want to check these apps out.

Getting Started- You can interact with theses app's content by visiting their respective websites. The information is exactly the same. I like this because you can quickly check in while working throughout the day. I always have multiple tabs open.

Plans- The Read Truth apps feature their own plans which members work through together daily. Think weekly bible study meets private devotional. The community acts like a forum around the topic of study. This makes finding a study partner assessable to anyone at anytime.

Images- You can download wallpapers with their 'lock screens' feature. The designs are pre-made, just click to download.

Kids Read Truth- Bible-based resources for children 2-12 years of age are available in their shop.

These apps would work best if you've decided you're prepared to make an investment in your commitment to the faith.


From this point on the apps focus more on studying scripture as the primary focus of their service. We're discussing Globible first because it is the coolest. God doesn't have to be cool, but it helps in the beginning. This app is created by developers and claims to provide an immersive experience into scripture. This is how it works:

Curated Content- When you tap on a bible verse you are met with digital resources to deepen your understanding of the passage. This includes HD videos, sermons, pictures, and virtual maps to name a few.

Bible- A notable mention is the introductions for each book of the Bible. You don't have to search for it, it's right there in the header. Introductions are important. Always try to read the Bible by understanding the context. Globible makes it simple.

Audio- They provide audio for the translations they have available. More Bible translations are available at a fee.

On the cutting edge- I've noticed they're always updating the database in an attempt to make it more intuitive. It's clear Globible is working to take the leg work out of theology, and I can only respect them for their efforts.

If you aren't picky about which version of the Bible you read, and like to know about the story behind scripture this app is for you.

Style takes a back seat to substance with the next two bible apps. However, they are heavy hitters. If you want to know what you believe and why download them, and dig in on your spare time.

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible Is dedicated to spreading the word of God across the globe. It's obvious they care and want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn a bit about theology- even the beginner. You can access their content by visiting their website or downloading the app.

Bible Study- This app comes stock with nine Bible translations which you can study side-by side. Comparing versions with the Parallel feature.

Daily Reading- Their plans walk you through the Bible within a year to two years.

Search- Can't remember a verse in its entirety? Blue Letter Bible app's powerful search tool allows you to enter bible verses or keywords to find what you are looking for.

Use this app in conjunction with the site where you'll find multiple programs, resources, and over 16, 000 articles written by the Scholars and Pastors of their network.

Lumina- "The best bible study tool on the web" contains ALL of the translations of the Bible. So you can search and study any bible verse in-depth when using the desktop version.


The #1 free Catholic app, and one of my favorites! There would be no Christianity if not for the Catholic church. That said, sacred texts originating from the Catholic church play a huge role in understanding Christ. Laudate has all of the 'boring' good stuff your heart could ever desire.

Daily Mass Readings- Mass is available in Latin and English. All things daily, the Saint of the day, daily readings, bible verses, prayers, and so on.

Pray the Rosary- Learn to pray the mysteries in various ways. The app offers podcasts of the Rosary or an interactive version.

Prayer Galore- They have tons of prayers to choose from. Pray to the Saints or import and export your own prayers within the app.

The Catholic Bible- The Catholic Bible has seven additional books. Read them and study the bible verses with Laudate.

Resources and Documents- Above all, this is what makes this app truly valuable, you get the history of the church in an app. If you've got questions this is one of the best places to start your investigation into the Christian faith. Deep into the rabbit hole you go! I just love it.

There you have it, these are my recommendations for the top 5 bible apps for beginners. With these tools, learning bible verses becomes so much easier on the go. Without having to carve out the time in your schedule, you'll be able to dive deep into God's word in a way that feels organic to you. Mix and match these tools until you find the right combination to support your walk with Christ.

I hope this was helpful. Please pass this along to anyone you think it may help.

God Bless,

Selene Supreme

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