By Leïla Slimani


Skimming the blurb and a few 3-star reviews the words plagiarism, facade, dark, dark, dark, and raw compelled me to track this book down and read it.

This is nothing like I imagined mainly because I didn't take the time to understand what I was getting myself into. I read Adèle as Leïla Slimani, the author, intended without psychoanalyzing the main character.

Set in Paris we meet Adèle a thrill-seeking sex addict, a journalist, a friend, a mother and a wife- in order that.

We may never know the root of her condition, but she makes her cravings perfectly clear and the manner in which she would like them delivered. Upper middle-class her occupation is optional. Yet, her lifestyle and vacations aren't up to her standards. She believes it is obvious the fruits of her loyal husband's labor (he's a doctor) are toiled over. She wants to be filthy rich without the grime.

The irony here is that Adele herself is vile, and nasty, and selfish, and all of the things!! Every secret comes to light and without trying and you will get sucked the psyche of both husband and wife. If you can tap into the mindset and accept it as written the ending is why reality is stranger than fiction.

This book is fast-paced and wonderfully executed. Taking advantage of nonverbal communication Leïla Slimani allows you to be a fly on the wall witnessing Adele stumble into her trap.

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