Pinterest Group Board Contributor Request Form

Thank you for your interest in joining one of the Pinterest groups. If this is your first time requesting to join a group board as a contributor please know everything listed beyond this point is the standard.

  1. We ask for engagement because we care for our audience and want to ensure you do as well.

  2. Everyone loves a good board, and sometimes people can get carried away, so the rules allow every contributor the space to communicate the important message or fun pin they came to share.


There. You've been briefed ;)

Prerequisites to join:

  1. Follow my Pinterest Page 

  2. Complete the form below

*Contributors who follow only to join then unfollow will be removed from all of the group boards they were invited to join. Remember we cannot build a community without engagement. Besides, participating in threads will help you grow your audience as well.

The Boards:

With more than one board, it is difficult to manage where each contributor would like to pin. You will receive an invitation to all live boards. Simply accept the invitations that meet your needs.

Board Rules:

  1. Please contribute valuable content and keep promotions to a minimum of one per week on Fridays.

  2. You can pin up to 5 times per day to each board.

  3. Stay on topic. Overtime boards will be divided into categories do your best to stay within the topic. Contributors who blatantly disregard this guideline will be removed form the board.

* Please note disorganized Pinners will not be approved, as these board serve audiences seeking trustworthy content.

If you've completed all of the perquisites and agree to pin within the guidelines, and keep a clean house... Welcome!


After you submit your application below, please allow a week's time before receiving your invites.

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We look forward to sharing your pins with our viewers and followers!


Take Care,


Cheers to growing together with

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