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It tickles me to think you want to be part of this movement and write for Selene's Digest. Thank you so much, I am deeply honored! Allow me to tell you more about this blog, who we cater to, and how you can contribute.

The Vision

As a faith based mental health blog and shop all content is designed to reflect the needs of an audience seeking to live their best life. More specifically, readers who resonate with this blog wish to achieve a holistic lifestyle in a wholesome way. Every representation on this site needn't be religious, but it should never be vulgar. The aim is to create useful content that can enrich the readers life effectively and if possible quickly without prompting a moral crisis.


Hot Topics

Submit fresh ideas that have never been published before on the following topics. Bear in mind this is a blog dedicated to personal development through the nourishment of the mind and spirit.

  • Self-Care

  • Faith

  • Fitness with a Health & Wellness bent

  • Nutrition

  • Financial Planning

  • Beauty/Skincare (When submitting remember beauty resonates from within.)

Our Harmonious Union


Guest authors can look forward to:

  • An author bio, which can be used to promote your blog and products/services

  • An opportunity to guest post regularly as the blog continues to grow

  • A new audience of serious readers interested in your message

  • Self- Promotion on your social media profiles

  • Promotion on the Selene's Digest Pinterest Page

  • Traffic from Selene's Digest to your pages 

  • A solid sample for your portfolio


Ready to Submit Your Idea?

Contact me by clicking here to submit your post idea. Be sure to include your topic of choice, a loose outline that illustrates the flow of your post, why it would work well on Selene's Digest, and the phrase "because the devil was in the details".

*Please note every blog post idea cannot be approved. If your blog post is selected you will receive an email detailing the next steps and post scheduling.

*Selene Supreme


Can you see the vision ? Contact me to submit a guest post idea.


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